St. Amand, Patron of Wine, Wine Lovers, and Bartenders

$ 52.00

Hand carved original in clay, cast and painted by hand in Mississippi. Statues come boxed, can go inside or outside, and come with a history card.

Dimensions: 8 inches (h) x 3.5 (w) x 2 (d)


St. Amand preached the gospel in northwest Germany, Belgium, and the area surrounding Bordeaux, all areas where fine wine and beers were and still are made. Walking and preaching in these areas, Amand would have gotten to know those who worked at all levels of making and selling wine and would have regularly blessed them. We can assume also that, like the one whose gospel he preached, he would have participated in the drinking of the wine that was made by those to whom he ministered. Amand also established a number of monasteries that produced wine and beer, both of which were consumed by the monks, even during times of fasting.